Program spring 2020 | Smart City Forum

Program spring 2020

Update 11.06.2020

Program of the 11th edition Smart City Forum

Day I – 15th June 2020

9:30 – 9:35 Inaugural animation

9:35 – 9:40 Forum opening

  • Maciej Bluj, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Expert in the field of smart city solutions, Deputy Mayor of the City of Wrocław 2007 – 2018

9:40 – 9:50 Speech of Guest of Honour

Towards a European vision of the cities of the future

  • Grzegorz Puda, Secretary of State, Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy

9:50 – 10:00 Inaugural presentation

The Future of Mobility

  • Claire Gregory, Head of Future of Transport Strategy, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Department for Transport, UK

10:00 – 11:10 Direction – a city friendly to its residents. Inaugural panel

10:00 – 10:35 Part I
New tasks for new smart cities

  • Smart city solutions in the face of threats and crises – what ideas were successful?
  • How to use technological achievements to improve the quality of life of residents?
  • Diagnosis of the most important needs, strategic areas, investment decisions – how to involve residents in the city life and maintain their involvement?


  • Bartosz Bartoszewicz, Deputy Mayor of the City of Gdynia
  • Piotr Borawski, Deputy Mayor of the City of Gdańsk
  • Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of the City of Wrocław
  • Artur Pielech, CEO, FBSerwis
  • Dariusz Stasik, CEO, Save the Planet
  • Artur Szymczyk, Vice-Mayor of the City of Lublin


  • Monika Mizielińska-Chmielewska, Secretary of the Smart City Forum Board, Expert of New Technology Market and Smart City, Media Trend

10:35 – 11:10 Part II
How to be smart being small?

  • How to achieve the three goals of urban development – quality of life, economic competitiveness and sustainable development?
  • Where to start solutions and implementation of the SMART idea and how to choose strategic areas in a crisis? The role of ICT infrastructure
  • Exchange of good smart city practices between cities and coordination of joint projects, and inclusion of residents in decision-making processes


  • Jerzy Bauer, Mayor of the City of Ostrów Mazowiecka
  • Piotr Kuczera, Mayor of the City of Rybnik
  • Waldemar Matukiewicz, Vice President of the Managemenet Board, Sprint
  • Beata Moskal-Słaniewska, Mayor of the City of Świdnica
  • Marcin Skwierawski, The Deputy Mayor of the City of Sopot


  • Monika Mizielińska-Chmielewska, Secretary of the Smart City Forum Board, Expert of New Technology Market and Smart City, Media Trend

11:10 – 12:05 Cities and solution providers – exchange of good practices
(presentations session)

11:10 – 11:20 3D/4D Lublin – city development planning support tool

  • Mirosław Hagemejer, Director of Planning, Lublin City Hall
  • Grzegorz Hunicz, Information Technology and Telecommunications Director, Lublin

11:20 – 11:35 Good practices in the consistent construction of Smart City 4.0 on the example of Silesia and Podkarpackie

  • Paweł Sokołowski, Smart City Director Of Business Development, Asseco Data Systems

11:35 – 11:45 Restart your city 2020 – Making the right decisions in a turbulent environment

  • Peter Ylen, Principal Scientist and Team leader of Smart City Impact Assessment team at VTT in Espoo, Finland

11:45 – 11:55 How to digitally transform education at the city and regional level on the example of the Innovative Education project in Rzeszów

  • Cecylia Szymańska, Director for Education, Microsoft Polska

11:55 – 12:05 Mobileye Data Services. Supporting the public sector thanks to current data on road infrastructure and mobility

  • Maciej Sekula, Sales director, Karson Technology

12:05 – 12:35 Debate

Digital transformation in cities

  • Open payment systems in public transportation
  • Payments for city parking and mobile applications
  • Paperless – Digitization of processes in government in office. Comprehensive service for local government tasks


  • Robert Kobylański, Vice President of the Management Board, Asseco Data Systems
  • Piotr Mieczkowski, Managing Director, Digital Poland Foundation
  • Tadeusz Osowski, Director of the Digitization Office, City Hall of the Capital City of Warsaw


  • Maciej Bluj, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Expert of the Smart City solutions field and new technologies

Human Smart City

Part I Man and the city

12:35 – 12:45 Speech

  • Senioral policy – tele-medical band in local governments
    • Edyta Kocyk, CEO, Sidly

12:45 – 13:20 Debate

  • Stimulating job creation, entrepreneurship and an extensive local qualification database
  • Citizen education – is the digitization of knowledge acquisition a trend or a temporary need during isolation?
  • How to effectively educate the public on epidemiological safety?
  • Senior policy – economic development and demographic issues issues
  • Dissemination of the principles of social participation in city management


  • Maciej Gramatyka, The Deputy Mayor of the City of Tychy for social affairs
  • Edyta Kocyk, CEO, Sidly
  • Tomasz Kopiec, CEO, Senior Activation System Foundation
  • Marcin Skwierawski, Deputy Mayor of the City of Sopot


  • Bartosz Dominiak, Deputy Mayor of the Ursynów District of Warsaw / Smart City Expert & Blogger

Part II City and man

13:20 – 13:30 Speech

  • dr Liu Thai-Ker, Morrow Architects & Planners Pte. Singapore* (video)

13:30 – 14:00 Debate

  • How to design a public space well?
  • Security of public spaces during a pandemic
  • Local community involvement in the project planning process.
  • Pedestrian-friendly cities (adapted infrastructure, pavements, signalling, passageways, new technologies)
  • Challenges of public transport in the face of the need for transformation


  • Paweł Jaworski, City Planner, Author of Living street Project
  • Witold Nowak, Deputy Mayor of the City of Konin*
  • Łukasz Pawlik, Vice-Director, Municipal Greenery Board of Kraków
  • Jacek Woźnikowski, Department of Development and Cooperation Director, Metropolis GZM


  • Bartosz Dominiak, Deputy Mayor of the Ursynów District of Warsaw / Smart City Expert&Blogger

14:05 Announcement of the results of the Smart City competition

Day II – 16th June 2020


9:30 – 10:00 ROUND I

10:00 – 10:10 Changing of participants at tables

10:10 – 10:40 ROUND II

TABLE 1. Open City Data – how to efficiently and securely share it

  • Bartosz Mazur, Chief Specialist, Department of Communication, Rybnik City Hall

TABLE 2. Being „smart” – How to prepare a city to smart and pilot implementations

  • Kamil Wieder, Head of Support Programmes Department, Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy

TABLE 3. City bike systems in the UTO times…

  • Jakub Giza, Cycling Systems Development Director, Nextbike Poland

TABLE 4. Innovative solutions for the elderly – good ideas, implementations, reflections

  • Magdalena Rosochacka-Gmitrzak, Ph.D. , Member of the Management Board, Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”


10:40 – 10:50 Speech

  • Examples of using urban monitoring in Smart City projects
    • Konrad Badowski, Business Relationships Manager, Axis Communications Poland sp. z o.o.

10:50 – 11:00 Speech

  • Improving the quality of urban mobility
    • Adam Lewandowski, Mayor of the City of Śrem

11:00 – 11:15 Speech

  • Planet Friendly certification for facilities
    • Dariusz Stasik, CEO, Save the Planet

11:15 – 11:50 Debate

  • Shared transport as a supplement to public transport in cities
  • Urban transport strategies to reduce environmental pollution
  • Forecast of public transport development and sharing solutions in the face of changes in social habits after the fall


  • Marcin Korolec, CEO, Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation
  • Włodzimierz Łoziński, CEO, Vooom
  • Paweł Maliszewski, Board Member and Co-founder,
  • Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of the City of Wrocław


  • Paweł Rydzyński, Pesident of tha Management Board, Stowarzyszenie Ekonomiki Transportu

11:50 – 12:25 Debate

Towards closed-circulation economy – the perspective of cities

  • Involvement of the city and business authorities ensuring economies scale for circular economy
  • Waste management – challenges of cities/communes and entrepreneurs


  • Katarzyna Błachowicz, Vice President of the Board, Waste Management and Recycling Cluster
  • Krzysztof Kosiński, Mayor of the City of Ciechanów
  • Filip Piotrowski, Member of the Zero Waste Association
  • Mariusz Skiba, Deputy Mayor of the City of Katowice


  • Tomasz Wojciechowski, Coordinator, Instytut Gospodarki o Obiegu Zamkniętym (The Circular Economy Institute)

12:25 – 13:00 City – Prosumer

  • Importance for renewable energy development cities, including the use of municipal buildings and areas to generate energy for their own needs
  • Innovative methods of storing energy in cities
  • Financing activities in the field of improving energy efficiency and environmental protection. PPP Formula.


  • Maria Andrzejewska, Director, UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Center
  • Waldemar Buda, Secretary of State, Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy
  • Marcin Jakubowski, Mayor of the City of Mińsk Mazowiecki
  • Krzysztof Kochanowski, Vice Chairman of the Board, Polish Energy Storage Association


  • Michał Hetmański, Manager of the Energy and Environment program, Instrat Foundation

The organizer reserves the right to change the agenda, date and place.

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