VIII edition Smart City Forum Autumn 2018, Warsaw

VIII Smart City Forum


Autmn 2018


Smart City Forum is Poland’s largest congress devoted to the functioning and development of smart cities. It is a platform for the exchange of experiences created, among others by representatives of public administration, presidents and directors of leading companies, experts from abroad, who present innovative solutions that prove themselves, for example in Barcelona, ​​Singapore or Toronto. The Program Council, chaired by Maciej Bluja, Vice-President of Wrocław, is responsible for the substantive value of the meeting. The participants of the congress are conducting a lively discussion about projects that change the face of contemporary cities around the world.
In other words, Smart City Forum is an extremely fruitful debate about the challenges facing almost all areas: from transport and IT through ecology, energy, construction to medicine and human communication. During the meeting, specialists discuss the most effective models for the implementation of specific investments. They also answer questions about sources of funding for the implementation of interesting ideas.

Adviosry Board Smart City Forum

Maciej Bluj
Chairman of the Advisory Board, Deputy Mayor of Wrocław
Robert Biedroń
Mayor of Słupsk
Rafał Bruski
Mayor of Bydgoszcz
Arkadiusz Chęciński
Mayor of Sosnowiec
Tadeusz Ferenc
Mayor of Rzeszów
Piotr Grzymowicz
Mayor of Olsztyn
Leszek Hołda
Member of the Board, PKP Energetyka S.A.
Jacek Jaśkowiak
Mayor of Poznań
Dariusz Kacprzyk
President of the Board, MCX Telekom
Jacek Karnowski
Mayor of Sopot
Tadeusz Truskolaski
Mayor of Białystok

Thematic scope Smart City Forum

  • DEBATE OF MAYORS – Summary and plans for the future
  • Smart City strategies
  • Innovative solutions improving governmental communication with local residents
  • Round Tables Session
  • Intelligent infrastructure – mobility in the city of the future
  • Cashless transactions in smart citiesmieście
  • Strategy for air quality

Partners VII edition Smart City Forum

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